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Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

The Money Coach® The Money Coach®

Do you want to achieve certain goals, gain more control over your money, or solve a specific financial challenge? Let Lynnette assist you in creating a realistic, action-oriented strategy to reach your goals and take your finances to the next level.
Lynnette's Coaching Package - 1 Time Consulting Call

One time

Lynnette's Coaching Package - 1 Quarter (3 months)

One time

Lynnette's Coaching Package - 1 Full Year

One time

*One Time Consulting offers one 60 minute phone coaching session only. Quarterly and Annual Coaching Packages offer monthly coaching calls, accountability partner, action plans, homework assignments, customized guidance and email support. Annual plan offer intensive financial mentoring to reach multiple goals.


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Yes, you will be speaking to Lynnette directly, although her assistant or a member of her team will set up your call(s) and gather any preliminary information needed.

Lynnette uses a solutions driven approach to help you get results.

For all ongoing coaching clients, Lynnette will do an initial intake session that takes a deep dive into your current financial situation. This session is designed to help Lynnette fully understand your present economic circumstances, your challenges and your goals. This session may also explore personal issues (beyond just dollars and cents), as many financial issues are rooted in other long-standing, related challenges. The next session focuses on analyzing your economic situation, and helping you gain clarity about your overall financial picture. In your third coaching session, Lynnette will lay out a game plan for you to execute to achieve the goals you’ve previously stated.

Depending on your circumstances and desired outcomes, the coaching process typically takes 3 to 12 months.

Because of her own past financial issues, Lynnette’s style is empathetic and non-judgmental. She knows what it’s like to have made money mistakes and she doesn’t shame clients for their choices, circumstances or what they have and haven’t done to date.

At the same time, Lynnette is a no-nonsense financial coach who demands accountability from her clients.

In fact, after each coaching session, Lynnette assigns tasks or “homework” for you to do to keep you on track and ensure you are taking the action steps required for financial success. Clients who can not execute on agreed-upon strategies and follow-up plans will not be a good fit and should not sign up for Lynnette’s coaching.

Lynnette has been a Money Coach for 18 years and takes pride in her broad financial knowledge and ability to help clients of every socioeconomic background. For every financial challenge you face, Lynnette will share her expertise and communicate options and alternatives you can pursue. However, Lynnette is clear about her limitations and always prioritizes her clients’ financial well-being. If you require specialized assistance outside her realm of expertise, such as legal or accounting work, Lynnette will promptly make referrals to the appropriate financial professionals.

Since the 1-year coaching package is paid in advance, it provides you with an upfront discount on Lynnette’s coaching services. But you are able to purchase coaching in quarterly blocks, so you can sign up for three months’ worth of coaching at a time, and renew every quarter if you so choose.

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